Book Recommendations for 2016

Looking for some books to add to your list in 2016? Here's a collection of book recommendations I've found online the past couple of weeks. The majority of these are in the areas of business and leadership. I'll be adding some of these to my to-read list.  

Bloomberg Business Best Books of 2015 - I've read four of the books on this list: Between the World and Me, How Music Works, Elon Musk, and Creativity, Inc. Almost finished with Lords of Finance. Picked up Sapiens, How Not to Be Wrong, How Google Works, Superforecasting, Ghost Fleet and Rise of the Robots. 

The 20 Best Business Books of 2015  - Business Insider puts out new book lists every week. Other than the book on Musk I haven't read any of these. Picked up a copy of Digital Gold, Leadership BS, and Bold. 

15 Best Business Books of 2015 - This list is from Forbes and includes Rise of the Robots and Digital Gold plus a number of other books worth looking at. 

52 Business Books the Fortune 500 CEOs Think You Should Read - Nothing really new on this list but great list for those on the path to entrepreneurship. Maybe you could read one a week in 2016? I've read eight of these books but plan on reading most of them in the next couple of years. 

58 Books Recommended by TED Speakers - Embarrassed to say I've only read The Beginning of Infinity from this list. Picked up Mindset. Will be going back to this list for recommendations throughout the year. 

14 Books That Inspired Elon Musk - When asked how he learned about rockets Musk replies that he reads books. Genius. Been wanting to read more science fiction in the next year so I'm glad I came across this list. Also am interested in the biographies by Isaacson. 

20 Books Mark Zuckerberg Thinks Everyone Should Read - In 2015 Zuckerberg commited to reading a book every other week. I've read Why Nations Fail, The New Jim Crow, and Creativity, Inc from this list. Plan on going through Iain Banks books along with Pinker's Better Angels of our Nature. 

The Best Books I Read in 2015 - Bill Gates always recommends great books. Here's a post of the best books he read in 2015. 

Singularity University Finance, Entrepreneurship, & Economics Book List - The original pre-reading list for their graduate studies program. Have read Outliers and the Great Stagnation. Picked up Chris Anderson's books. 

What books on these lists have you read? Have any recent book recommendation lists I should add to this post? Anything you think I should read in 2016?