Read 100 plus books a year

Here's a short video that explains some of the things that I do to read 100 plus books a year. 

Breakdown of some of the tips shared here:

  • Find subjects you are passionate about.
  • Read books that your mentors/peers recommend. Ask your friends for recommendations.
  • Successful people wake up early and read. Don't waste time checking email or on social networking sites.
  • Read during breaks at work and if possible ditch the tv and read during that time.
  • Always carry books with you. When you are in line or waiting for appointments read. A kindle is handy here.
  • If you can't afford to buy a number of books try your local library. 
  • Use services like Scribd, Overdrive, or Audible. Scribd is a subscription based site that gives you unlimited books for under $10 a month. They also give you one free audiobook a month. Overdrive works with your local library and allows you to download ebooks and audiobooks. 
  • Listen to audiobooks at 2X speed if you can.
  • Write in your books. With iBooks or kindle use highlights and take notes in the app. iBooks will allow you to save all of your notes to Evernote.

Here's a link to two free months of Scribd: